Tuesday, April 7

Kawasaki Motorcycles to meet the needs of every class of users

Kawasaki is one of the leaders in heavy industry segment. It was in 1962 that Kawasaki started manufacturing motorcycles by taking over the ailing Meguro motorcycle company and introduced four stroke motorcycles under their own brand namely Kawasaki motorcycle.

Popular means of transportation:

As you know, the motorcycle has become one of the most popular means of transportation, particularly among youths. It is economical as compared to cars and has higher maneuverability. In order to meet the increasing demand, Kawasaki has been introducing several models of motorcycles at regular intervals.

Different colors:

Kawasaki bikes are available in different colors like black, green, yellow and so on. However, most of the bikes from this manufacturer are in green or have a combination of green and black colors.

Perfect fairing:

One of the salient features of Kawasaki motorcycle is its exclusive design, giving perfect fairing or aerodynamic support. Experts in automobile industry are of the opinion that fairing is very essential in motorcycle and more so in sports bikes. According to experts, airing reduces air drag and thereby provides additional safety to the rider. Aerodynamic support helps the rider to cruise at a great speed without fear of being dragged by air.

Now take a look at some of the popular models of the Kawasaki motorcycle and also their exclusive features:

Cruiser: This is one of the most popular motorcycles from Kawasaki. Cruiser is available in different designs like VN 1700 classic, VN 900 classic, VN 900 custom and so on. In fact, Kawasaki has introduced as many as eight different models of cruiser with several exclusive features. For example, the VN 900 classic motorcycle has wheel base of 1650 mm and is provided with 20 ltrs capacity petrol tank. This four stroke V twin engine bike has mileage of 60 kilometers per liter of fuel.

Supersports: This is yet another popular introduction from Kawasaki. The popular Ninja bikes are available in this Supersports model.  In fact, Kawasaki has introduced as many as 12 different designs of Supersports model bikes. Take, for example, the popular Ninja H2 supersports model bike. This is a 6 speed transmission bike with capability of 76 mm bore and 55 mm stroke. The bike has dual semi floating front brake and single 25 mm disc dual rider mount rear brake. The bike with a tank capacity of 17 liters provides you mileage of 60 kilometrs.

Dual_purpose: This model of bike is known for its undisputed elegance and higher maneuverability. Versys 1000 is one of the popular models of bikes in this Dual_purpose design. The bike has 4 stroke engine with maximum power output of 88.2 KW and torque of 102.0 N.m. The bike has ground clearance of 150 mm, which entitles it to cruise on any hostile terrain. The fuel capacity of Versys 1000  is 21 liters and the mileage is 63 kms.

Visit showroom:

You may visit any authorized showroom of Kawasaki to get a glimpse of the various ranges of bikes. The sales personnel in the showroom would provide you all the technical details. Normally, the authorized dealers also undertake to repair and service every brand of Kawasaki bikes. The dealers also market used Kawasaki bikes at a reasonable price tag.