Friday, May 29

Pet Accessories: The Many Perks Offered by Dog Tags

Does your pet dog wear a dog tag? Dog tags are used as identification labels for pet dogs. They are made from different durable materials like stainless steel, brass, or plastic. What’s great about them is aside from serving as identification tools for your dogs, they offer other perks too.

The Origin of Dog Tags

Did you know that dog tags are first worn by military personnel? They were first used to indicate personal details like name, rank, blood type, religious affiliations, and other information. Since then, these tags have evolved and are now widely used for pet dogs. The dogs’ names are first engraved in the tags and then the tags are hung around their necks.

It’s important for pet dogs to wear appropriately labeled tags so they can be easily identified by anyone. These tags are useful for when you take your pet to the vet or pet grooming shop. It will make it easy for veterinarians or pet groomers to identify your pet from among their other clients.

Various Advantages Provided by Dog Tags

Aside from primary pet identification, these tags may also be used as accessories or props in different pet shows or pet sporting events. Organizers of pet shows can buy dog tags to use as official number tags for the pet participants. They may have them engraved with the official name of the show as well as the participant number. Nowadays these tags come in various shapes, designs, and colors so they may also be used as prize options for the winners of the show.

These tags may also be used in pet sporting events as official identification for the contestants. They may also be included in the reward or token package that will be given to winners and their owners. Organizers must look for the best possible design that goes well with the theme of the event. Since these tags may be personalized, event organizers may also choose to have their company or group name engraved or imprinted in the tags so all participants will be reminded of their organization even after the event is finished.

Choosing and Buying the Ideal Dog Tags

These pet tags may be made from steel, brass or even plastic. They are usually bought in bulk orders so the more tags you buy, the cheaper the overall price will be. When you purchase these tags make sure to get the most durable kind you can find especially if you’re using them as props or prizes for dog shows and pet sporting events. You would want tags that are guaranteed to last for months or years so your message will be displayed for a long time. The customization method that will be used to personalize your dog tags will depend on the tags’ material. For example, steel and brass tags may be engraved while plastic tags may be laser printed with your name or personalized messages. For more info, visit

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