Friday, May 29

How Windscreen Repairs Help Ensure a Passing Mark on MOT Test

Did you know that an MOT test also checks on the condition of your car’s windscreen, wiper, and washer? Because driving without an MOT comes with penalties, you should pass the MOT windscreen test and whatever else is covered. But do you need windscreen repairs or a full-on replacement?

There are signs that tell you if a repair is all that is needed or when you have to buy new windscreens Leicester offers.

What kind of windscreen damage is repairable?

Based on the British Standard Code of Practise BS AU 242a:1998, damages that are up for windscreen repairs depend on where the crack is located and its size.

A windscreen is divided into Zones A, B, C, and D, with the first two zones taking up the section of the windscreen on the driver’s side and within the reach of a wiper. Zone A is flanked on either side by Zone B. Click here

Zone C, on the other hand, is the section on the passenger’s side within the reach of a wiper. Zone D is everything outside of a wiper’s reach.

Windscreen damage can be repaired if it meets the following specifications:

  • Up to 10mm on Zone A
  • Up to 15mm on Zone B
  • Up to 25mm on Zone C
  • Up to 40mm on Zone D

Anything bigger than the sizes of the damage specified above may be subject to a windscreen replacement.

May being the operative word because there are instances when a chip on the windscreen that is smaller than a pound coin is approved for repair. Under the circumstances, hiring repair services for chipped windcreens Leicester provides is a cheaper solution.

Apart from hiring windscreen repairs Leicester has, there are other factors you need to check to pass the MOT test.

Windscreen Wipers

Wipers are supposed to provide a driver a clear view of the road by wiping off moisture and other forms of obstruction. If the wiper is missing or not working properly, you will fail the test.


Made to work in conjunction with a wiper, the washer must provide enough liquid to clear the windscreen. Does your washer work as intended?

Chips and Cracks on Windscreen

Even the tiniest chip or crack can cause a windscreen to flunk an MOT test. So make sure it is free of chips or cracks, even when the maximum damage size is 10mm in the line of vision of the driver and 40mm anywhere else not reached by the wiper’s blade.

Can you drive without an MOT test?

Yes. But be ready to face the penalties:

  • Fine of up to £1,000
  • Fine for driving an untaxed vehicle that is older than 3 years
  • Potential invalidation of motor insurance
  • 6 and 8 penalty points if you drive without a motor insurance

There are many ways to fail an MOT test. But if the problem is just a windscreen, failure can be frustrating. It is completely avoidable, after all.

Because a damaged windscreen poses a driving hazard, an MOT test should not be your only motivation to have it fixed. Whenever you notice chips and cracks, hire windscreen repairs from Allscreens Nationwide right away.